Shaffleburg Decks


This client needed to update and replace both front and back decks that had exceeded their usable service life.  Clients focus was on ease of maintenance and aesthetic appeal.


Meeting with these clients on several occasions to discus needs and requirements we arrived at the conclusion that the front steps and landings ought to be primarily composite materials to minimize maintenance and give as clean a look as possible.  Whereas the back deck should have a bordered chevron deck pattern, with classic metal spindle railing.

In order to make the deck as appealing as possible at night we added in a lighting element of string lights on a minimal aluminum upright support.


The most significant challenge with this build was the boardered chevron deck pattern.  Not only did it mean that we had to space our deck joists at non-standard 12″ on centre, but we also had a VERY precise job of installing the deckboards to fit precisely within the border.  It was considerably more laborious, but we feel the end result speaks for itself.