Rockingham Landscaping

The End Result
The Before Shot


The steep grade that this house is situated on presented significant challenges to the passionate gardener that calls it home.  She wanted to create a landscaping solution that would allow her to take maximal advantage of the square footage, while still being safe to work off of.


After getting a sense of what the client needed, and after several days of considering some options, it became clear that our best bet was going to be a tiered approach.  Think, rice-patties-on-the-hillside type of thing.  The original stairs awkwardly turned towards the driveway and really presented more of an obstacle than an invitation.  To this end, we planned a run of stairs directly from street level to front door.  This way the house literally reaches out to the street and asks you to visit.


The logistics of needing to co-ordinate the significant excavation, boulder placement, and making sure that the stairs were built around where the excavation equipment needed to be next proved demanding, to be certain, but navigable.  Throughout that process we kept a keen eye on making sure that the lines of boulder walls kept a nice contour, and that the landscape integrated and worked with the stairs placement.  Speaking of landscape, it is important to note that all the planting was done by the client, we don’t want to be stealing anyones thunder here.

In the end, the finished product makes for a remarkable reboot of a demanding space.