Orange Kitchen


This kitchen project was designed and overseen by Peter Henry Architects. The homeowners wanted to upgrade their very dated kitchen, and to open up the cramped layout of their 100 year old home.


The design of this kitchen called for the removal of a structural wall, restoration of the original hemlock floor, and stripping and insulating the exterior walls.  Bold wall colours and eclectic cabinet and countertop choices work together to create a unique off-beat kitchen space.


It seems to be true that the smaller the space, the more concentrated the challenges become.  This one had our team wrestle with structural steel, challenging plumbing runs, old flooring that refused to play nice, crooked ceilings and historic trim that needed a good deal of corralling.  All very much worth it for the impact of the end product.

full view of the kitchen
from this angle you can see the way the cabinetry was designed to wrap around the fridge, and actually created a little gadget garage beside the sink
here you can get a good view of the striking countertop that was installed, as well as the efficient use of labelled switches to service all the electrical elements of this project
the view from the entry call of the house to the kitchen. with the oven and range hood centred to the line of the hall, one gets drawn into the space
also within the scope of the work was to revive the look of the old floor grate in the entry hall, this really helps bring the pedigree of the house back to life a little
when the structural wall was removed, there was a gap in the existing flooring to deal with. we opted to fill this in with a patchwork mosaic as an eclectic little pop
this is the base of the structural steel post. the post goes all the way through the floor, so our floor mosaic needed to be scribed around it to really make it look complete.
a detail shot of the floor mosaic