Hot Tub Deck


RSI was invited by Peter Henry Architects to help one of their clients realize a beautiful deck for the outdoor space in the back of their home.  This deck design called for the integration of a hot tub, and the use of aluminum deck rails with glass infill.


The design work for this project was handled principally by Peter Henry Architects.  Points of collaboration included the exact method of integrating the hot tub, the detailing of the privacy walls, and the visual integration of stairs with wall cladding.


There were a few unique challenges to this build.  Firstly, due to the compact size, and multiple levels of the deck, the framing and structural supports demanded particularly keen consideration.  Then we layer on the design of the whole deck being intentionally off square by 11 degrees to the house, sprinkle with the need for a service access hatch needing to be integrated into the deck floor, and we have ourselves a well beyond average deck build.


Hot tub integrated into the deck surface.
hot tub integrated into the deck surface
view of the hot tub from the bench area
view of the stairs from the lower deck
detail shot of how the stair risers seam integrate into the wall cladding seam pattern
view of the lower deck from the landing of the upper deck
upper deck, where the adirondacks and grill live
an excellent place to enjoy your morning coffee
this impressive wall of wood is in fact the full width gate at the end of the driveway. this helps carry the look of the finished privacy wall all the way around to the side of the house