Harvard Bathroom


The client had recently purchased a home on Harvard street, and were excited to install a second full bath in what was then a finished attic space. After the first site visit it was clear that this space presented some unique challenges, and one surprising opportunity.


There were a few existing factors that we needed to work within.

The most pronounced was the remarkable slope of the floor, which was two inches from one corner to the other. Instead of wrestling this to level, we embraced it and used the slope for our drainage in the threshold free, walk-in shower.

Then we had to navigate around the exposed chimney at one end of the room.  That we simply took advantage of as a natural partition between cabinet nooks.

Finally, the client wanted to room to feel like it had always been there. This meant we needed to get our trim dialed in perfectly to match the remainder of the house. Thanks to the wood ninjas over at Amos Wood, we secured some hemlock to match the existing and were able to conjure a stain and glaze blend to match the rest of the house almost perfectly.