Cyclone Group Fitness


When Cyclone Group Fitness saw that they were expanding way beyond the capacities of their former basement location, they pounced at the chance to rent this large loft space on Barrington Street. With this blank slate, they were excited to accommodate all the needs that their previous space couldn’t. To navigate the process from giant, blank room to bespoke gym space they contacted us to help.


The biggest challenge to this design process was that we were spoiled for choice. The size of the space meant that there were so many potential solutions to consider and sift through. However, once we got together the full list of needs, wants, code requirement, and – of course – , budgets, that list of possibilities shrunk down to a manageable offering. With this, we were able to hammer out a space design that met all the clients usage needs, as well as all the cities requirements for a publicly accessible space.

Cyclone - Design - Interior View Cyclone - Design - Front Desk View Cyclone - Design - Doll house view


As is so often the case, the elephant in the room of this project was the timeline. With a fixed open date firmly committed to, seven sub-trades needing to work in tandem, and the supply chain being as cranky as it tends to be, there were some sleepless nights. In the end, we were able to meet the timeline and have the client opening on time to a crowd of delighted clients.


Though visually one of the least striking features of this build, that ceiling rack is an engineering victory. For being a few pounds of steel and bolts, it is potentially the sturdiest part of the whole building. (Very pleased with that.)