Cow Bay Cladding


Amos Wood called up RSI to help with a challenging install of poplar cladding for a client in Cow Bay. The client was looking to create a number of feature walls in their newly built home and had asked Amos Wood to mill and install the materials to order. To facilitate this, RSI was brought on board to ensure install was done to the level of finish and finesse that Amos Wood stands for.


There were still a few design decisions that had not been entirely cleared up by the time we joined the process. Working with the client and Amos Wood, we were able to make sure that the clients inspired vision was met.


This particular install presented unique challenges and demanded extraordinary considerations. The cladding needed to be installed with continuous boards in order to eliminate breaks mid-course, which meant we had to wrestle with exceptionally long lengths of material. Add to this the need for the heart and sap wood of the grain to fall into as cohesive a pattern as possible and we had a very non-typical cladding job on our hands.

Nevermind the entryway door. The demands of that ought to be entirely clear from the photos.