Condo Deck Restoration


A condo building on the Northwest Arm needed restore their decks that were suffering catastrophic structural problems.  After an initial inspection it was clear that we were dealing with a full blown re-build of the structural supports.  The condo wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and also look at upgrading the railings for these decks as well.


There were only two requirements to satisfy for this client.  One: maximize the view.  And two: materials used should be as low maintenance as reasonably possible.


In order to satisfy the clients needs we worked out a system using a combination of vinyl trim and glass railings that really opened up the views, and left the client with finishes that need virtually no maintenance.

The vinyl cladding was installed over a proper rain screen around the support posts. This made sure that any and all water that would find its way in there – water always finds a way in – would have somewhere to go. And thus, this system would not suffer the moisture driven rot and failure that the previous system suffered. The vinyl cladding was extended over the support beams and outside facia joists, thus creating a sharp clean frame around every deck.

Extruded aluminum railing system with glass panels finished off the effect of opening the views for the condo owners. The finished result is a stark and satisfying contrast to the bulky and thick system that was in place before.