Bedford Deck


Tired with the small size, and disintegrating state of their original deck, these home owners wanted to expand their outdoor living space.  Living on a lake they wanted to be able to take maximal advantage of their views, and their connection to the trees that surround their yard.  This called for a radical reboot of their deck.


This was an excellent opportunity for RSI to flex its design muscle.  After a thorough needs assessment, it was clear that the main focus was on delivering a much larger deck, and to afford dry storage below for all the families recreational equipment.


The there were two big hurdles to overcome with this build.

First, the boulders.  This site proved, once more, that the BED in bedford, comes from BEDROCK.  So many boulders in the way of the foundation.  But, once that was squared away, we were able to charge ahead.

Secondly, since the deck was being skinned in Duradek, we needed to carefully slope the whole deck surface by 1% to ensure proper drainage of deck surface, and to prevent wintertime skating rinks

Side of the deck, with gate doors closed
and with gate doors open
view of the other end of the deck