How we work

Design Consult

Of the many details that need to be considered in a build project of any size, the first is what you want and need. To answer this, we engage in a thorough consulting process in which we work with you to flesh out two levels of understanding: tangible requirements and the intangible needs.

First, the checklist of tangible requirements. How many rooms? What kind of cabinets? Mobility needs? What kind of target budget are you looking to work with? These types of questions are the clearly defined parameters we will need to work within.

Then we need to flesh out the intangible needs. What kind of mood are you looking to achieve? What will the personality of the usage be like? What kinds of textures and colours will suit your palette the best? These are the tricky, slippery, and often vague qualities that go into making sure a project satisfies needs that the client did not know they had.


With a clear understanding of both the tangible and intangible needs of the project, we prepare the design proposal. This proposal will show you a sketch of the solutions we are suggesting, along with a likely timeline, and approximate budget. This gives you the chance to see where the project can go, and what it will take to get it there.


Once the proposal has been given an enthusiastic green light, we will work to prepare floor plans, elevations, colour choices, material choices, fixtures, and furniture choices. Couple this with renderings of the proposed changes, and we give you a clear vision of what we can do for your space.


Scheduling is a pivotal responsibility of ours that affords us two opportunities. First, we can ensure that all the elements of the construction process are lined up and booked well in advance, minimizing room for delays and surprises. Secondly, and as importantly, it lets us offer you a road map for what to expect, and when to expect it. Here we can flag any hard dates that we will need to work around, and plan accordingly.


From the first swing of the sledge hammer to the last paint touch up, this is where co-ordination and communication become the cornerstones of this business. Extensive effort is put into making sure that all sub-trades and labour are co-ordinated to make every step of the project run as smoothly as possible.


The project is not done until we all agree it is done. Simple as that.

All completed RSI Projects are backed by a one-year warranty.  Which means we do it right.